Sunday, July 1, 2012

Study Abroad and the Movie "Taken"

Almost every day I search the therm "Study Abroad" on Twitter to see what people (ie. young people/students) are saying about study abroad and as I scan through I pick a tweet about study abroad that I find of interest and post a "Study Abroad Tweet of the Day" to IHEC Blog's Facebook page.

Yesterday I posted the following Study Abroad Tweet of the Day focusing on the movie "Taken" and the study abroad experience:

"Of course Grandma brings up the movie "Taken" while @xxxxxx is discussion study abroad. #FamilyReunionAdventures pt.2" [Twitter handle removed by me for confidentiality]

I followed up that post with a brief mention that I have never seen the movie "Taken" but that I see many tweets about the movie having a negative connection to study abroad.  This was especially true tonight as I searched for today's Study Abroad Tweet of the Day as I found no less than eight out of about one hundred fifty tweets focusing on study abroad and Taken so I'm sharing those tweets below:

"my dad won't let me study abroad because of the movie taken."

"I haven't seen the movie Taken. And I don't think I should since I'm determined to study abroad..."

"Watching Taken with my fam when my sister's leaving to study abroad Tuesday....."

"when your parents use Taken as an excuse to not letting you study abroad<<< #really #itsjustamovie"

"Decided not to study abroad after watching taken #nightmares#seeyaneverrome"

"If my Mom knew about the movie "Taken", she would never let mestudy abroad. #terrifying #whereisliamneesonwhenyouneedhim"

"Watching Taken as my parents scare me about study abroad in August #GREAT

"Great. Taken 2 is coming out the week I have to submit my studyabroad application. #secondguesses"

I of course have to see the movie now and most likely Taken 2.  Have you seen the movie?


  1. Actually, I have seen the film, though it’s been a while. Liam Neeson’s character has a daughter that vacations abroad, and she gets kidnapped by sex traffickers. And that gives him an excuse to raise all sorts of chaos upon the people that take his daughter. She wasn't studying abroad, though. It’s just a movie. Its events didn’t actually happen. I mean... I’m not terrified to research things simply because I saw Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

  2. I've traveled to several countries before. But recently I saw Taken and it was scary! I know its "just a movie" but the movie makes you think about "what ifs" when your abroad

  3. The thing is you don't have to leave the country for those "what ifs" to happen. There's a case locally where a teen girl vanished into thin air after leaving work. Her car was found backed into an abandoned house. No body or trace of her has ever been found. There have been some possible sightings of her over the years, and there's been suspicion that she was taken and put into a human trafficking ring in NYC. It's scary yes, but it can happen anywhere.

  4. Interesting blog post via WorldBrain entitled "Study Abroad vs. "Locked Up Abroad" at