Monday, December 6, 2010

An Address by David L. Boren on Global Education in the 21st Century: A National Imperative

Back on October 12, 2010, current University of Oklahoma President (and former U.S. Senator and Rhodes Scholar) David L. Boren delivered an address to a Washington, D.C. audience entitled “Global Education in the 21st Century: A National Imperative”. The event was sponsored by the Institute of International Education, the National Security Education Program and the Language Flagship Group. For more specifics on this speech including a link to pictures of the event, a link to more video and more information about Senator Boren please visit the Boren Awards for International Study website at

I have embedded parts I and II of Senator Boren’s address here on IHEC Blog for your viewing pleasure:

Following are past IHEC Blog posts related to David L. Boren and the National Security Education Program:


  1. Great primary source for your dissertation!

  2. @Louis ~ great primary source indeed! How is your dissertation coming along?