Thursday, October 7, 2010

The P’yongyang Project - Academic Cooperation and Cultural Exchange between North Koreans and Americans

During my recent research efforts I came across a very interesting program called The P'yongyang Project.  The P'yongyang Project is an academic cooperation and cultural exchange program for Americans in North Korea.  Their mission follows:

Our mission is to forge a new level of academic cooperation and cultural exchange between North Koreans and Americans. We believe that through personal experience, interaction and continued dialogue, we can lay the foundation for peace and prosperity between our nations.

Currently, four different programs make up The P'yongyang Project.  I have copied and pasted descriptions of these four programs below:  

Delegation Trips allow participants to interact with and explore the DPRK in an intimate and academic way. These programs combine group discussions, travel, meetings, and group bonding activities, to take students and professors well beyond the surface of the DPRK. This kind of in-depth access provides participants with a comprehensive introduction to the core issues facing the nation and region.

The North South Dialogue Project (NSDP) was started as an offshoot of P’yongyang Project delegation trips and incorporates many of the academic components of a delegation trip. The key difference is that NSDP delegates work toward creating a consensus document that offers policy suggestions for maintaining stability on the Korean peninsula. In order to draft this document, participants will spend a significant amount of time in South Korea participating in workshops and discussions.

THiNK (Transcending History in North Korea) is an intensive Korean Language Summer Study Program in P’yongyang—the first study abroad program for Westerners in the DPRK. We have worked hard to negotiate a joint deal between The P'yongyang Project, KIYCTC, the Ministry of Education of the DPRK and Kim Il Sung University to make this program a reality.

Independent Programsare tailor-made for schools looking to establish their own program in the DPRK. We are currently working with several North American universities and colleges to create programs that match their goals and curriculum. Individuals or small groups may also contact us if they are interested in traveling to North Korea independently.

You can learn more about all of these programs at as well as in articles from the Harvard Crimson and the Brown Daily Herald.

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