Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Place for Bloggers at International Education Conferences

Wouldn't it be great if international education related conferences offered a special place just for bloggers with free wi-fi (or even better a few desktop computers with internet access)?  There are not many of us bloggers out there but I hope this changes over time.  Yes, we have our smart phones that makes blogging a little easier (see my iPhone post from my travels last week in Houston) but it's not great as phones are best for e-mail, Twitter, LinkedIn and mobile Facebook posts.  The "media" get free conference registration (which I'm not asking for but would be great as most of my conference attendance the last several years has been on my own dime) and a special room dedicated specifically for them (I believe that is the case at at least one international education conference.  A "new media" space dedicated to us "new media" folks would be great and I think the conference/organization would get some great promotion as well, no?

While I will be lugging my heavy laptop around the NAFSA conference and hope I can find free wi-fi close by to upload posts from the conference I imagine I will resort to a more micro blogging via my iPhone to IHEC Blog's Facebook page so stay tuned to that "new media" tool I frequently use.

Photo credit: RealEstateZebra

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  1. Brilliant idea. I can't tell you how many conferences I've attended where it's next to impossible to find a comfortable spot to type with free wifi access. More often than not my main fallback is a starbucks.

    Here's the problem that faces most conference organizers- cost for wifi is outrageously high making it a difficult expense for them to absorb. It'll be interesting to see how hotels/conf centers adjust prices as 4g becomes prevalent. Here's hoping it'll drive down the fee.