Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Frameworks for Higher Education in Homeland Security

During my research activities last night I came across an interesting report entitled Frameworks for Higher Education in Homeland Security (2005) the Committee on Educational Paradigms for Homeland Security, Policy and Global Affairs of the National Research Council and available for reading on the National Academies Press website.  It's an easy and quick read (68 pages) and of particular interest to me, and perhaps many IHEC Blog readers, is chapter/section four entitled "Parallels Between Homeland Security and Area Studies, International Relations, and Science Policy" (pages 9-14) which discusses the National Security Education Program among other matters.  Just thought I would mention this report and highlight that you can access it for free.  Click on the book cover below to be taken to the website.


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  2. I agree.

    I read the section that was recommended and realized that maybe creating a curriculum for Homeland Security wouldn't be SO hard as there seems to be some similarities between all the disciplines.

    I think this book couldn't have been put out at a better time.