Monday, April 5, 2010

Advanced Planning for International Education Conferences

For those of you interested…I did some searching (and discovered a couple by accident) for the host cities for future NAFSA, CIEE, AIEA and Forum on Education Abroad conferences.  Here is what I found:

2010 Kansas City
2011 Vancouver
2012 Houston
2013 Louisville
2017 San Francisco

2010 Philadelphia
2011 New Orleans

2011 Boston
2012 Denver
I listed the conferences for these three organizations as these are the conference that I try to attend each year (have never been to AIEA however).  Please note that no #hashtags have been set for these conferences yet!

Photo credit:  Kossy@FINEDAYS


  1. The hashtag for NAFSA 2010 is #NAFSA10.

  2. Don't forget about CIES (Comparative and International Education Society) May 1-5, 2011 Montreal, Quebec, Canada (McGill University)

  3. @Ruth ~ Many thanks. Yes, an error on my part that I didn't mention #NAFSA10 as I posted about this a short time ago at I also have a twitter feed at the top of IHEC Blog for all #NAFSA10 posts to Twitter!

  4. @Louis ~ Thanks for posting about CIES. Good to hear CIES 2011 will be in Montreal. A great town. I should have included CIES but it doesn't come to my mind as a place for two hours at the CIES 2010 was good, however!