Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Book of Interest – “The Twenty-first Century University: Developing Faculty Engagement in Internationalization”

The Twenty-first Century University: Developing Faculty Engagement in Internationalization (Complicated Conversation: a Book Series of Curriculum Studies)
I want to highlight a new book by Lisa Childress that I think many IHEC Blog readers may be interested in checking out. Published in 2010 by Peter Lang Publishers, The Twenty-first Century University: Developing Faculty Engagement in Internationalization "identifies what successful institutions have done to overcome endogenous challenges and successfully engage faculty in the internationalization process. Examining two exemplary cases of internationalization, this book extrapolates strategies for colleges and universities to adapt to their unique institutional cultures, histories, and priorities, to support faculty in internationalizing their teaching, research, and service. In addition to in-depth analysis of each successful institution, the book analyzes cross-case findings and implications, presenting a new conceptual model and typology of faculty engagement in internationalization that can be used both by university administrators to expand faculty involvement in the implementation of their institutions internationalization plans and by faculty to advance their knowledge of internationalization."

Following are three reviews of The Twenty-first Century University by scholars that I greatly respect and admire and I felt that it is important to incorporate their words into this post.

Academic leaders, policy makers, faculty and scholars will benefit from the insightful analysis and pragmatic approach to enhancing faculty engagement in the internationalization process. This important and welcomed book helps to fill a major gap in research and practice and demonstrates that faculty are the true 'engine of internationalization' when their involvement is supported and recognized." --Jane Knight, University of Toronto

"Grounded in theory and full of practical advice, The Twenty-first Century University: Faculty Engagement in Internationalization represents an important addition to the literature on internationalization. It provides enormously useful guidance for chief academic officers, deans, and campus internationalization leaders as they work to engage the faculty in the important work of internationalization." -- Madeleine F. Green, Vice President for International Initiatives, American Council on Education

"This study on faculty engagement in internationalization provides insight into a crucial aspect of internationalization policies in higher education that has received too little attention before: how to stimulate faculty interest and involvement in internationalization strategies and activities in institutions of higher education. Her analysis, cases studies and recommendations will be of relevance for colleges and universities in strengthening their internationalization objectives. " --Hans de Wit, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences; Editor, Journal of Studies in International Education

Information about the author: Lisa K. Childress is an internationalization consultant, who has served as an internationalization leader at universities in the United States and Japan over the past two decades. Her teaching and administrative leadership span institutions including Duke University, University of Virginia, and Kyushu University in Japan. She received her doctorate in education from George Washington University, where she partnered with the American Council on Education in her internationalization research. Dr. Childress received her master of education from Harvard University and her bachelor of arts from the University of Virginia. Her scholarship has been published in leading academic journals including the Journal of Studies in International Education and the Journal of Global Initiatives.

For more information about this book please click on the image of the book cover.

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