Thursday, February 11, 2010

Survey on Social Media in International Student Recruiting and Outreach

If you are in international student recruitment, outreach and admissions field please consider taking a new survey being conducted by GlobalCampus on the use of social media in international student recruiting and outreach. I’ve been communicating with my colleague Nicolle Merrill from GlobalCampus about this survey and I’m excited to see the results. I found the following snippets from Nicolle’s blog post introducing the survey to be quite interesting and I’m posting them with her permission:

NAFSA’s Nov/Dec issue of International Educator featured the Brave New World of Recruiting, declaring Internet recruiting “is here to stay.” Facebook is taking over admissions Universities are jumping on the Twitter bandwagon.

“Social media tools, like Facebook, Twitter and blogs, are key to communicating with this generation of students,” said Joyce Smith, CEO of NACAC . University admissions are keen on using social networking sites to promote their schools, engage alumni and attract future students to their schools.

While we at GlobalCampus agree, we’ve spent many months wondering about the specifics of those social media strategies and engagements. Beyond using social media there are loads of questions about effectiveness and measurement of social media outreach: What are the benefits and drawbacks of using social media in Internet recruiting? How is the target audience responding to social media outreach? How is social media outreach improving recruiting results? Perhaps the single more important question to ask: How do universities measure the results of social media for Internet recruiting?

You can learn more about and access this survey here.

Photo credit: Ivan Walsh

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