Thursday, February 25, 2010

Amanda Knox’s Family Speaks Out on The Oprah Show

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a colleague who I took classes with a few years ago at Loyola University Chicago. It was nice to hear from her as it has been some time. She was on the road working on e-mail with the television on and two separate shows mentioned/focused on study abroad so she sent me a message as she knows of my interest of how international education/exchanges are portrayed in film and on television (see below for links to previous IHEC Blog posts on this subject).

The first show was the family of Amanda Knox speaking out on The Oprah Show. You can watch some snippets from the show here. The Amanda Knox case was also the topic of a post entitled “In Poor Taste? A Comedy Fundraiser for Amanda Knox’s Appeal” over on the Melibee Global blog (one of my favorite international education blogs!) just the day before The Oprah Show.

The second show is listed in now listed in the comments section of the list of movies and television programs where the characters go abroad which you can link to below.

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