Monday, January 4, 2010

The Top International Education Focused States in the United States

For this first IHEC Blog post of 2010 I thought I would share some metrics. I hope to be able to provide other interesting IHEC Blog metrics in the days and weeks ahead. I’m very pleased with the response I have received about IHEC Blog and the feedback and consulting inquiries make this unpaid venture worthwhile.

2009 was a good year at IHEC Blog and I saw dramatic increases in many areas that Google Analytics collects data on. Specifically, 2009 saw increases of 1,121% in the total number of visits, 1,052% in the total number of unique visitors and 1,212% in the total number of page views over 2008. Perhaps these aren’t the most important metrics to focus on but they are of interest to me.

One metric I’ve been paying special attention to over the last few months is the number of visits IHEC Blog receives from the various states across the United States. 65.15% of the total visits to IHEC Blog in 2009 came from the United States (the leading country for visits). Now that we are in a new year I thought I would pull from Google Analytics the following list of states (and Washington, D.C.) ranked by the number of visits to IHEC Blog. However, I’m listing the states in order of percentage of visits rather than the number of visits. Does this list truly represent the top international education focused states in the United States? I can tell from Google Analytics that people arrive to IHEC Blog based on a variety of international education related search terms. Has a rigorous scientific research method been applied to reach these findings? Certainly not! I just think they are interesting and thought I would share.

1. Illinois 13.12%
2. New York 8.68%
3. California 8.47%
4. District of Columbia 5.61%
5. Massachusetts 4.68%
6. Texas 4.34%
7. Virginia 4.26%
8. Minnesota 4.14%
9. Pennsylvania 3.93%
10. Wisconsin 3.50%
11. Florida 3.00%
12. Colorado 2.87%
13. Ohio 2.56%
14. New Jersey 2.39%
15. Iowa 2.22%
16. Michigan 2.03%
17. Maryland 2.02%
18. Georgia 1.99%
19. North Carolina 1.88%
20. Washington 1.53%
21. Oregon 1.38%
22. Indiana 1.35%
23. Connecticut 1.32%
24. Arizona 1.31%
25. Missouri 1.20%
26. Kansas 1.14%
27. Tennessee 0.73%
28. South Carolina 0.67%
29. Louisiana 0.52%
30. Maine 0.51%
31. Arkansas 0.50%
32. Vermont 0.49%
33. Alabama 0.49%
34. Utah 0.46%
35. Kentucky 0.45%
36. Rhode Island 0.43%
37. Nebraska 0.41%
38. New Hampshire 0.40%
39. Hawaii 0.35%
40. Oklahoma 0.34%
41. Nevada 0.34%
42. Mississippi 0.25%
43. New Mexico 0.21%
44. West Virginia 0.19%
45. Idaho 0.19%
46. Delaware 0.18%
47. South Dakota 0.15%
48. North Dakota 0.10%
59. Alaska 0.10%
50. Montana 0.07%
51. Wyoming 0.05%

What are your thoughts on this?


1. To be sure, there are many limitations to these findings. According to the 2000 U.S. Census (, for example, the top states ranked by population (in 2000) are California, Texas, New York, Florida and Illinois and these five states are all ranked in the top 11 states for visits to IHEC Blog. State population is just one of many variables to be considered when interpreting these "results."

2. I believe I successfully filtered out all of my visits to IHEC Blog as I tend to check out every post to make sure everything looks correct. However, I’m not 100% positive that I was able to correctly filter out my visits so I calculated the total number of visits from Illinois minus the 282 IHEC Blog posts for 2009 (estimated number of visits I made to the blog). Based on this calculation, Illinois still is the leading state and leads New York by 245 visits.

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