Friday, December 4, 2009

Links of Interest for Week of November 27th – December 3rd

Here is a list of some interesting links I posted to The Twitter as well as many interesting links I pulled from The Twitter and retweeted. Also, I now have things set up so that my IHEC Blog Facebook page posts feed to my Twitter profile which then feed to my LinkedIn profile.

RickRuth was asking some really great questions on measuring "success" of public diplomacy. A question I think about often for my dissertation!

I plan to utilize the “share” feature much more in my Google Reader. Here's a start:

The photo in this student article on study abroad makes me wonder about Public Diplomacy & U.S. students abroad (link via @pdxnicolle)

Province [British Columbia] preparing for influx of foreign-educated professionals (via @BCCIE)
ExchangesConnect surpassed 15,000 members (via @
ConnectStateGov) ~ CONGRATS!
Photo Credit: Leo Reynolds

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