Friday, October 23, 2009

Links of Interest for Week of October 16th to 22nd

Here are some interesting links I have found and posted to Twitter this past week. There are a few that focus on China mixed in with a little bit of Fulbright. I hope you find some of them to be of interest.

LinkedIn group "Research in Internationalization of Higher Education"

"Experience Being Abroad w/ the State Dept." event in DC Nov. 2

National Education Abroad Fair calendar

University of Buffalo and China Collaborate on Language Initiative in Schools (2 min audio piece available)

Top Producing Schools for Fulbright came out in the Chronicle of Higher Education (via @FulbrightPress)

How do you answer: "What are, or should be, the ethics of public diplomacy?" (via @mountainrunner)

Tentatively named my personal international education library & archive the "Bury International Education Library & Archive"

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