Friday, August 28, 2009

IHEC Blog is Going on Vacation - Again!

Yes, it's true IHEC Blog is going on vacation and this time I'm actually going on a vacation and not just taking time off of work/projects to be with the kids who are out of school. This will be my first long term (ie. more than 3-4 days) in several years. My wife and I have only planned the first half of our trip and we were up to 1:00am last night/this morning trying to plan the second half as well as pack for the unknown.

Here are two pictures of where we are going for the first half of our trip. Can you guess where we are going? Hint~we are loading up the minivan and heading out from Chicago tonight so it's relatively "close"! Leave a comment if you think you know where we are going. After you leave a comment click on the pictures for the answer!


  1. Hello

    I found it is a very interesting place for vacations .Please tell me whats place it is?
    I have to go their for vacation.

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  2. wisconsin dells or starved rock?

  3. David, you're in the Dells! Gayle

  4. @Gayle & @ G Difino ~ Thanks for the comments and you are both correct that the first part of our family vacation was in the Wisconsin Dells! We did the indoor water parks but also got out to downtown Wisconsin Dells (got a $5 parking ticket which would be $30-$50 in Chicago) and were able to go on the Original Ducks ride which was great! Second part of the vacation was planned at the last minute and we rented a cottage/house in Saint Germain, Wisconsin (very North woods Wisconsin ~ or Up North as we say in Wisconsin!). I will post more on my vacation this week (I hope) as I can actually tie my vacation to the content of IHEC Blog. Many thanks again for your comments!

  5. I knew by the second picture it had to be the Dells! Hope it was a fun time for all.
    ~ Betsy

  6. @Lisa ~ Here is where I went for the 1st part of my family vacation: Here is where I went for the 2nd part of my family vacation: thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!