Monday, August 10, 2009

The Bridge Year Program at Princeton University

Attention all high school students: seriously consider Princeton University in your choice of college applications! I recently learned about an exciting and innovative international education opportunity for admitted freshman students at Princeton University that I thought I would alert IHEC Blog readers to. I won’t summarize all of the Bridge Year Program details in this post as I encourage you to visit the program website to learn more. However, I have copied and pasted a snippet from the Bridge Year Program website to give you a taste of what Princeton University is doing:

“Designed especially for incoming freshmen, Princeton’s new Bridge Year Program allows you to defer your enrollment for a year while you serve the public good in another country. You’ll do challenging, meaningful work in a school, social service agency, clinic, or another community service organization. Your nine months of service will give you both an international perspective and a deep appreciation for the importance of serving society and the world. When you return, you’ll enter your first year at Princeton University with a wealth of experience and maturity.”

Best of all…the Bridge Year Program is tuition free! You can learn more about this program
here. You can learn more about how Princeton is internationalizing campus here.

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