Monday, March 16, 2009

Study Abroad Alumni International

I thought I would point IHEC Blog readers in the direction of a new and exciting organization in the field of study abroad called Study Abroad Alumni International Inc. (SAAI). “Building a Community of Global Citizens” is the trademark of SAAI. Following is a description of SAAI’s purpose from their website:

“An international membership organization consisting of alumni of some type of study abroad experience and others who actively support the study abroad experience. SAAI is dedicated to fostering international friendship & understanding, creating a more peaceful world, and building a community of global citizens by serving the worldwide study abroad community, highlighting study abroad alumni success stories, promoting study abroad opportunities, and providing scholarships and other kinds of support for study abroad participants.”

From what I can tell on the SAAI website, they are still working towards 501 (c)3 status and they are currently accepting donations to fund their efforts. SAAI has established an impressive group of individuals for their inaugural advisory board. I’m encourage what I’ve read so far and I encourage IHEC Blog readers to visit the SAAI website

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