Thursday, March 5, 2009

IIE’s Get a Passport: Study Abroad Campaign

The Institute of International Education (IIE) just launched their Get a Passport: Study Abroad campaign.

IIE introduces the Get a Passport: Study Abroad campaign with the following:

"With 70% of Americans lacking a passport and less than 1% of American college students studying abroad each year,[1] some of your students may never have thought about getting a passport and studying abroad.

Too many students are failing to acquire the understanding of foreign cultures and languages, cross-cultural communication skills and leadership qualities that result from studying abroad. By encouraging students to see that a passport is a document as necessary as a college ID, campuses can help students to become globally competent professionals, with the skills they will need to succeed in the international marketplace."
The first campuses to sign on as partner campuses are:

Boston University
University of Missouri

You can learn more about the Get a Passport: Study Abroad campaign here.

[1] Please see my previous IHEC Blog post entitled “Open Doors Data on Study Abroad” where I discuss the importance of reporting accurate national participation rates on U.S. students studying abroad as I argue reporting a 1% or 2% national study abroad participation rate is misleading. You can access this post here.

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  1. What an excellent idea and initiative to help bolster participation in study abroad. Can study abroad supporters like us help? We would be happy to encourage students to apply!