Thursday, March 12, 2009

Call for Interest: Research & Scholarship Sub-Committee Members

The following call for interest for sub-committee members of the Research & Scholarship network (Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship knowledge community of NAFSA: Association of International Educators) is being posted on IHEC Blog with the permission of Bryan McAllister-Grande who is the Network leader of the Research & Scholarship network as well as the Assistant Director of the Office of Global Affairs at Brandeis University. IHEC Blog readers may want to visit and subscribe to the Research & Scholarship network (as well as many of the other NAFSA networks ~ especially the Intercultural Communication & Training and Internationalizing the Curriculum & Campus networks) as I think you find the content and posts/discussions to be stimulating and of interest. You can access the various NAFSA knowledge communities and networks here and learn how to join the networks here. NAFSA membership is not required to acces or to join the networks.

Bryan’s post follows:

“As the new network leader, I'm excited to be working more closely with you over the next couple of years. The TLS team has recently held a series of meetings to determine some renewed goals for the KC/networks. In the process, the R&S Network is looking to add volunteer leaders to its sub-committee. Please see below for full details on how to express interest in being a member of the sub-committee.

The network will continue to be a locus for all things related to international education research, including discussion of "doing" research among graduate students, scholars, and practitioners. In addition, we will have a particular emphasis on comprehensive internationalization, to align with higher education trends and NAFSA's strategic plan. Below is the revised mission statement:

*Revised R&S Network Mission Statement*

As international education moves from the periphery to the center of higher education, there is an increasing need for scholarship and evaluation. The Research & Scholarship Network is a group of cross-NAFSA members working globally on research in internationalization and relatedcomponents of international education. Our work includes:

- Disseminating and promoting research and practice resources on internationalization and its various components, including at annual and regional conferences

- Engaging in discussions with leading scholars and practitioners on major topics in international higher education

- Serving as a locus for different groups to join together: scholars of international education, faculty in all disciplines, graduate students, campus leaders, and all NAFSA members in various Knowledge Communities

- Linking U.S.-based research to that of global NAFSA and non-NAFSA members

*Call for volunteer leaders: R&S Sub-committee*

Volunteer terms range in length from 1-2 years, and tasks include:

- making suggestions for reviewing existing and new practice resources, documents, events, discussions, and announcements on the R&S network.

- providing assistance in drafting text of new and revised resources, including intros and descriptions.

- recruiting R&S network members to participate in online discussions.

- promoting the network at NAFSA events and other relevant professional meetings and encourage participation.

- making suggestions for "pushing out" existing and new research to the broader field in creative ways, including through short documents publications, and online discussions.

- Working together on a brief report that will work towards broad recommendations on NAFSA's agenda for research on comprehensive internationalization, including identifying gaps/trends, needs, and member interests. In addition, creating initial tools/resources for research on comprehensive internationalization.

If you are interested in being considered for one of the Subcommittee positions, please email me as well as submit information about your background and skills to NAFSA’s “Expertise Profile”.

We are especially encouraging those outside the U.S. to apply, and to foster a truly cross-KC approach to research and scholarship. We're also interested in those who are connected to "fields" outside traditional international education degrees. Much of the work can be done virtually and by phone, although some meetings at NAFSA conferences are involved.


Bryan McAllister-Grande
Network leader, Research & Scholarship (Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship, NAFSA)
Assistant Director, Office of Global Affairs at Brandeis University

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