Friday, January 23, 2009

K-State Podcast on International Students

Many institutions of higher education have embraced various technology to promote international education efforts on campus. Kansas State University is one institution that has highlighted their international efforts by podcast. My colleague Sara Thurston-Gonz├ílez, (Director of the International Student and Scholar Services at Kansas State University) leads off this podcast on the “Buddies” program on campus. How are other institutions using technology to promote their internationalization efforts?

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  1. Thank you for posting our podcast about the K-State International Buddies Program here on campus! With our ever increasing numbers of incoming international students we want to ensure that we are engaging them in campus activities and encouraging them to learn about other cultures by branching outside of their normal social network. This program has not only helped our international students transition to an American University, but it has really gained popularity among our domestic students as well! We currently have over 770 participants this semester with many on standby waiting for an international buddy!
    Another good use of technology and pop culture to promote the program is FACEBOOK! Please visit ours at