Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Plan for the Exchange of American and Prussian Teachers (1907)

For readers with an interest in the early years of international education exchange…

In 1907, Dr. Karl Reinhardt, representing the Department of Ecclesiastical Affairs, Instruction and Medical Affairs of Prussia, proposed to the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching a plan for the exchange of teachers between Prussia and the United States which was to be modeled after similar programs that were already in effect between Prussia and England and France.
[1] American teachers were to teach English in Prussia for a year and a half and were to receive modest stipends from the Prussian government. Interestingly, American female teachers were specifically barred from participating in this exchange program between Prussia and the United States.

[1] “A Plan for an Exchange of Teachers between Prussia and the United States” Science, New Series, 27 no. 697, (May 8, 1908), 733-737

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